Have we reached peak gelato?

Do you remember how it felt to hear the unmistakable melody of an ice-cream truck, as it made its way through suburbia on a scorching summer’s day? Australians have certainly come a long way from chasing ice cream trucks down the street, but the power of a frozen dessert to bring instant glee is timeless.

The story behind gelato

We really have a lot to thank the Italians for. It’s believed the joy of eating gelato dates right back to the Italian Renaissance era. In 1686, an Italian restaurateur by the name of Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli swung open the doors of the first known gelato shop in Paris and before long, the secret of this delicious treat had spread throughout Europe and into the Americas. Hand-crank freezers were developed in the 1800s giving gelato its signature creamy and smooth texture.

Fast forward to 2002 when Gelatissimo founders returned from their own Italian travels with a secret family recipe in tow, ready to open the first Gelatissimo gelato store in King Street, Sydney. The rest, as they say, is history! Today, Gelatissimo is Australia’s biggest gelato store chain with over 47 locations nationwide and a globally recognised gelato brand across 7 key international markets. We now have master franchisees in Saudi Arabia, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh and India. And we certainly aren’t finished growing yet

So what sets Gelatissimo apart from the competition?

Trusted Brand

As the biggest gelato store chain in Australia and with a rapidly expanding global presence, Gelatissimo franchises are already well ahead of their competitors. We are a well-recognised and trusted national gelato brand with an established reputation as being fun, family and budget-friendly and inclusive of different dietary needs.

Exceptional training and ongoing support

One of the many benefits of joining a successful, widely recognised company like Gelatissimo is the exceptional training processes in place to help our partners drive their businesses. We support our franchisees every step of the way, from providing comprehensive onboarding experiences through to national marketing campaigns delivered by our dedicated and professional senior franchise support team. Plus, our franchisees have access to our thriving and supportive community of Gelatissimo franchise owners around the globe; a business network that shares a wealth of expertise and encouragement. We provide our franchisees with all the support they need to flourish and have plenty of fun along the way.

Commitment to growth

In under two decades of operation, Gelatissimo has moved from a single shopfront in King Street, Sydney, to operating at 47 national locations and throughout 7 international markets. We are always looking for new franchisees to join our network. Each time Gelatissimo expands, we focus on a hand-picked location with predictable and sustainable revenue, a decision based on decades of experience and data, and geared for maximum growth. Australia’s population currently sits at just over 25.7 million and is forecast to reach 28 million by 2029. Between you and me, that’s a lot more customers getting ready for a gelato-induced smile.

An agile product with insatiable demand

Everybody loves gelato. And Gelatissimo makes sure there is a gelato option to suit everybody, so no one misses out. Our base gelato recipe is fool-proof and completely adaptable—we currently have more than 50 flavour options and release over 30 new flavours every year. You would be right to think our new product development is extensive! Our flavours change and develop to meet our customers’ needs, keep their interest, and ensure we are moving with market trends. This is evident in our seasonal products, like our Easter favourite ‘Creamy Egg’, and our ‘gelato with benefits’ range—packed with superfoods like acai, kombucha and protein.

To ensure our continued broad appeal to our customers, we are also committed to offering product options that are allergy-friendly, non-dairy, vegan and low in sugar. Different sizing options, including our ‘bambino’ cone, ensure that our product maintains its broad appeal and an affordable, family-friendly focus.

In sum, if there is a point of peak gelato, it’s a long way off yet!

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