Have we reached peak gelato?

Do you remember how it felt to hear the unmistakable melody of an ice-cream truck, as it made its way through suburbia on a scorching summer’s day? Australians have certainly come a long way from chasing ice cream trucks down the street, but the power of a frozen dessert to bring instant glee is timeless. […]

Can you innovate ice cream and gelato?

Gelato dates right back to the Italian Renaissance era in the 1600s. That works out at more than 400 years of making, eating, and selling gelato across the globe. If you’re weighing up franchise opportunities, perhaps you’re wondering whether four centuries of gelato consumption has plundered dry new opportunities for product innovation? The easy answer […]

Five reasons Gelato makes for great business

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy gelato and that’s kind of the same thing. So if you’re looking to make the leap from employee to business owner, why not be in the business of making people smile? Gelatissimo has been bringing Australian customers joy through gelato for nearly 20 years. During this period, […]

Let’s Fil you in about Gelatissimo.

We recently sat down with our CEO, Filipe Barbosa, for a quick Q&A about everything Gelatissimo! Why did you join the Gelatissimo brand? I loved the idea of joining a brand that, at its core, is based on the idea of creating a place for families and friends to share moments together, gift wrapped in […]

Our all-time favourite flavours

Chocolate? Nope! Strawberry? No! Classic Vanilla? Nah! We are best known and celebrated for our delicious award-winning, vegan-friendly Mango sorbet! Featuring Australia’s world famous, juicy Queensland Kensington Pride Mangoes, it’s a refreshing flavour that captures the essence of Summer! It’s been our number 1 flavour for a long period of time, but has more recently […]