Can you innovate ice cream and gelato?

Gelato dates right back to the Italian Renaissance era in the 1600s. That works out at more than 400 years of making, eating, and selling gelato across the globe. If you’re weighing up franchise opportunities, perhaps you’re wondering whether four centuries of gelato consumption has plundered dry new opportunities for product innovation? The easy answer is: absolutely not! New business technologies and rapidly changing customer trends point toward the seemingly endless creative opportunities ahead for gelato. What’s more, the simplicity of the product lends itself well to being highly adaptable, which is great news for the prospective Gelatissimo franchisee looking to ensure long-term business success.

So, what makes gelato such an innovative product?

Flavour Creativity

Gelatissimo has been operating for nearly 20 years, so we’ve tasted our fair share of gelato innovation during this period. We routinely stock over 50 different flavours in our stores and our Gelato Product Innovation Specialists release around 30 brand new flavours every year. We even invite our customers to share with us their flavour ideas, so we are never short on inspiration for new creations. In its purest form, Gelato is a simple and much-loved product. Once you have a fool-proof base gelato recipe mastered, the sky is the limit in terms of flavour variations.

You have the freedom and confidence to create flavours that suit the season, cultural context, customer demographic or even observance days. You might experiment with adding different textures like chunks of honeycomb, crumbled cookies or salted caramel sauce. You could choose to serve the gelato in a cone, a cookie sandwich, a pie crust or in a cup of coffee with ice. Perhaps you could even partner with an expert or influencer to create something special together, like Gelatissimo’s collaborations with award-winning pastry chef Adriano Zumbo. Have we got you thinking?

The point here is that gelato is an incredibly versatile—and delicious—product, and we have only just scratched the surface of creative flavour possibilities. While we always keep some tried and tested customer favourites on hand, we know that having quirky new flavours creates excitement and intrigue for Gelatissimo customers.

Dietary-friendly Options

Having options is important, but not only because of flavour preferences. There is a growing market of consumers with food allergies, intolerances, and specific dietary needs—all the more opportunity for further gelato innovation to meet these needs. The easy flavour adaptability of gelato makes it the perfect product to have some fun and develop delicious and appealing allergy and dietary friendly variants. Gelatissimo has worked hard to produce a range of vegan, low-sugar, allergy-friendly and non-dairy products, that have all been well-received by our customers who benefit from them most. We want to ensure that whatever their dietary requirements, no one misses out on a gelato-induced smile.

New Business Technologies

The landscape of the hospitality and foodservice industry has changed dramatically over recent decades, not least due to the rapid advancement of new business technologies. As an example, the development and implementation of customer loyalty programs and apps like Gelatissimo’s ‘Club Gelato’ have enabled businesses to capture widespread real-time data from their customers, while also encouraging future purchases, brand trust and rewarding consumer loyalty.

Delivery platforms are also rapidly rising in popularity, especially during the global pandemic. Logistical or personal constraints no longer stop our customers from ordering exactly what they want, whenever they want it—all from the comfort of their living room. Gelatissimo has proudly jumped on board with UberEats, Deliveroo & DoorDash to bring gelato right to the doorsteps of our customers. 

These advancements have enabled the foodservice industry to be data-driven in its growth strategy. We understand our customers’ behaviours and preferences more deeply through this information and we can innovate products and services that better meet their exact needs. We can also forecast with greater accuracy based on this data, future-proofing our business model and assuring continued robust growth.

Gelatissimo is currently the biggest gelato store chain in Australia and holds a rapidly expanding global presence. We are confident in the continued creative opportunities of gelato and the momentum this innovation brings to our success as a business. You could consider us the gelato innovation expertissimo!

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